The 2022 RMAI Executive Summit: Reaffirming Our Commitment


Originally posted on the DNF LinkedIn page:

At DNF Associates, we have been committed to upholding the standards and principles of RMAI since day one. Our dedication is transparent in all that we do, from our daily activities as a business to our participation in the RMAI Executive Summit.

Continuing Education

A key part of RMAI membership is the numerous continuing education opportunities. As laws and best practices are constantly changing, it’s critical to take advantage of conferences and seminars. We know that we can better meet our clients’ needs through staying abreast of all industry news, and continuing education allows us to do so. RMAI offers on-demand online education, informative webinars, and panels at events like the 2022 Executive Summit that cover things like:

  • Risk Management
  • RMAI DEI Guidelines
  • Current Issues in Receivables Management
  • Market Updates
  • Regulatory Updates including the FTC and CFPB
  • And more!

Industry Best Practices & Compliance

RMAI helps businesses like ours stay compliant in a world of constantly shifting guidelines and laws. RMAI has a rigid code of ethics that we adhere to, which covers our professional conduct and behavior. We know that our reputation reflects on both us and the clients that we work with, so our efforts to maintain compliance and follow all industry best practices are part of what make us different.

Additionally, RMAI is known for setting the global standard with its certification programs, continuing education opportunities, and code of ethics. Maintaining our membership is one way that we show our commitment to being the best in the business.

Consumer Transparency

RMAI does not just work with those in the receivables management industry; they also work with consumers to ensure that their rights are protected. RMAI creates a variety of helpful materials that make it easy for consumers to understand if a debt collector is legitimate, when debt collectors can contact them, and how to respond to collection attempts. We follow their same commitment to consumer transparency and care about fighting fraudulent collectors that sully the entire industry.  


RMAI also participates in advocacy for the entire industry on federal and state levels. Anyone who works with the receivables management industry knows that laws have a direct impact on how business can be conducted and what can be recovered.  


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